The Good, The Bad Oppo reno 6 – An Opinion


The Oppo Roxy 6 is a handy device to own if you are looking for a device that is durable, reasonably priced, offers a wide range of applications and performs exceptionally well. I have been testing the Oppo Reno 6 and it comes with many different preinstalled apps from the Google Play Store. Some of these include things like Google Maps, docs etc. and I find that this specific smartphone is great for anyone who wants to use a smartphone that is easy to use, doesn’t require a lot of time on the phone and which has a high level of functionality. In this article I will explain what the advantages of buying this handset are and how it compares to other similar smartphones on the market.

One of the biggest advantages of this handset is the fact that it runs on the very latest version of Android, namely Kit Kat 4.4. Kit Kat is the latest version of Android and by upgrading it to a higher version, this means that the performance of the Oppo Reoxy will be noticeably better than it was previously. This is especially true if you install some of the more advanced widgets onto your phone such as widgets for twitter or Facebook etc. Another big advantage is that the color of this phone is much lighter than that of other smartphones currently on the market, meaning that it will be easier to use. oppo reno 6

The Oppo Roxy 6 performs well, but does fall short of the high expectations that people have put on it. The build quality of the phone is great but there is something about the overall look and feel of the handset that makes it feel cheap. It’s not a huge downside but it can be seen as one of the reasons why users might want to go for a different color scheme or design on their next smartphone. Other disadvantages of the Oppo Roxy include problems such as slow Internet speed, poor camera and sound quality.

Whilst the build quality of the Oppo Roxy 6 is above average, the speed of the screen and the way in which it responds to touch input is below standard compared to other smartphones. The screen is also a little slow to respond, which could mean that you are waiting a significant amount of time for text messages and emails to load on your smartphone. When it comes to cameras, the resolution of the unit is quite low. The camera on the Oppo Roxy doesn’t turn out to be all that great when it comes to recording videos, although you are able to save quite a lot of data onto your SD card.

One of the biggest advantages of the Oppo Roxy is its unique dual camera setup. This is the first smartphone to have a built in professional camera, so if you plan to take a number of pictures with your smartphone then you will be able to do so with ease. To get the best experience from the dual camera setup, you need to turn off the auto-focus, as this tends to make the picture you take more boring (due to the background of the subject being cut out). For a clean shot of your friends, you can use the normal focus mode, which should let you avoid some of the potential problems with the selfies the unit offers.

Despite these small drawbacks, the Oppo Roxy six is one of the most exciting new phones from the main smartphone maker. Despite not offering everything that the iPhone has, such as a large screen or a fast mobile processor, it does offer a great user experience thanks to its bright and vibrant coloration and its solid build quality. As long as you are careful about where you take the photos, you should find that the smartphone has a unique place in the world of modern smartphones. You should also make sure that you know what you are doing with the device, as many amateur users are creating their own bad videos with the Roxy, which could damage your phone.

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